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Honorable Mention beim internationalen Wettbewerb

Iceland Black Lava Fields Visitor Center


Traditional Form

Zur Erweiterung der Ausstellungsflächen soll eine unterirdische Verbindung zum Amtsgericht geschaffen werden.

The space is divided by the office and the kitchen into different zones: museum, foyer and café.

The rooms are offering different views to the volcano and the lava field in the East and the lakes in the West. In the south is a big panoramic terrace under one protective roof. Storage, archive space, sanitary facilities and other secondary rooms are located in the basement and are barrier-free accessible.

Due the special ecological conditions in Iceland the building is heated by geothermal energy. It is naturally vented, the kitchen and sanitary facilities have mechanical exhaustion.

Panoramic View

Die Räumlichkeiten der Kunsthalle weisen diverse Schwächen auf.

Local Form

Island Fassadenschnitt Der neue Eingangsbereich und Innenhof als zentrales Foyer.

In Zusammenarbeit mit Anna-Laura Hölz



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