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Stocize Sports Park is located at Ljubljana's motorway to provide an easy acces various transportsystems

Different types of transportation are given. There are connections via motorway, railway, airways or shippinkg easily accessible. Every metropolis in south and east Europe can be supplied.

The Stozice Sports Park itself is perfectly located. Close to the city highway ring it proviedes an easy access to every transport.

Due to that it is well connected for employees and for transportation purposes. Via the motorway city ring any destination in every direction is reachable.

Start-Up Phase

The manufactory begins in form of a start-up. In this stage, an isolated building for office or laboratory rooms is needed. The building is made with the help of the first few robots and acts as a testing ground and showpiece. Its shape should underline the concept of an intervention into the given structure.
At this stage the Smart Manufactory uses few robots and consists of an small office space
The Smart Manufactory starts an testing ground. The Smart Manufactory starts an testing ground.

Settled Buisness

In a more developed phase, there is an additional extension. It shows the transformation from a start-up to a more settled business. The outward appearance displays the development of the business. Its shape is a complex design of parametric forms. The amount of robots increases to a total of 10 machines. Storage of robots and material takes place at the wall on the left hand side.
In this step, size and productivity increased. The Smart Manufactory developed to an settked buisness. The Smart Manufactory developed to an settked buisness.

Learning Center

The third phase consists of an added building, located at the lower atrium. It accommodates further office space to encourage the exchange between institutions and the business. Furthermore it houses a large recreation room as part of a modern office. Further spacetime spaces are installed at the bridge between the atrium. Locker areas grow in size and the amount of robots increases to 23. Several clusters can be spread in di erent areas of the structure. A packaging unit is placed at the delivery area to prepare the goods for transportation.
The Smart Manufactory became a learning center, which is now in collaboration with local universities The Smart Manufactory is a place for production and learing center. The Smart Manufactory is a place for production and learing center.

Smart Manufactory

The Smart Manufactory is located in the parking structure below the excisting stadium

Regarding an expansion of the manufactory plenty of space are given between the street and the atrium.

In this area the production lines and storage rooms can be installed, where there is no need for natural light.

The development  is reconisable through the various pavilions.
The Smart Manufactory is seperate into office pavilions production lines and storage.

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